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For Owners


This is a nuanced field and doing it well requires intuition, patience, good people skills, and a sense of humor. It’s helpful to know how (or whether) to thaw a frozen pipe, diagnose a motionless garbage disposal, and change an air filter. We have these skills, too, and more!

Our range of programming includes supportive housing for individuals and families with special needs, affordable housing for individuals and families, subsidized and mixed-income multi-family development, condominium & HOA management and senior independent senior living communities.

As an experienced operator of federally financed developments, MC Management Group knows a critical element of using these financials tools is remaining compliant with its myriad regulations affecting everything from resident qualifications to budgeting, fiscal operations and reporting. MC Management Group has the experience, capacity and relationships with regulatory agencies to take a development successfully through all compliance requirements. All members on our team have been trained and certified in operating federally assisted housing.

As a management agent, MC Management Group understands the importance of balanced property management, particularly in developments that aim to house individuals of low to moderate means. Our management model balances the needs of the building’s community with the needs of the individual. Unlike typical market-rate housing or other housing operators challenges common to low income households such as bad credit history or behavioral issues are not automatic causes for an application denial or for an eviction.

We believe deeply in the quality living and obsess over comfort, community and great spaces. Because we’ve been tenants and owners, we know how to deliver results for our clients, and an outstanding living experience for our modern dwellers. Happy home means a happier home life. Happy modern dwellers and satisfied homeowners cultivate stronger, sustainable and robust local communities. We’re for that! In fact, every year we contribute in every possible way to local organizations making a difference in the city.

MC Management Group’s team works closely with the resident at the on-et to orientate the entire household to ensure that expectations, rights and responsibilities are understood by the entire family. We believe this approach is of critical importance to persons of low income to secure and maintain their housing. It is also the foundation needed to promote growth and sustainability.


We genuinely care about the people we’re working with.

Our Value

We bring unique value for developers, non-profits and churches that need customized services for successful management of developments. Our offering is property management, compliance, and supportive housing facilitation that deliver financial and social return on investment. We are different than major corporate management firms because what we offer is flexible, cost-effective, and customized. It works because it is based on many collective years of experience, it is women and minority owned, and it incorporates a consistent hands-on approach that meets our clients where they are.

We’re careful to pay attention to detail and communicate as often as possible. We don’t just place tenants based on credit scores and call it a day. We want tenants to fall in love with their new homes. That takes a lot of work. From interviews, innovative marketing, showings and extensive reference checks, we go above and beyond when selecting tenants. And when someone calls one of our properties home, we offer services that far exceed industry standards. Our team is ready make sure your tenants are having a great living experience; problems are handled quickly and your investment is protected. We deliver twice the service, and we love what we do. MC Management Group, LLC redefines property management and it’s an industry that could use a makeover!

We found a perfect balance between positive cash flow and positive experiences for tenants and for owners. Our fees are competitive. Monthly management is ranges from 5%8% of rents received for multi-family and condominium units and 10% of rents received for row houses and free-standing houses. Leasing and marketing fees are 90% of one month’s rent which includes professional photos, listings, convenient showings for prospective tenants as well as condo compliance, lease prep, tenant background checks and interviews, tenant orientations, video walkthroughs and more. If owners would like to do the marketing on their own, the balance of our services (vetting, lease, & move-in) are offered at 45% of one month’s rent. Please note that we only offer our leasing services for properties that we are subsequently managing.


We are detail oriented and flexible as property managers. We can work with owners interested in being hands-off, or highly involved. We offer a full range of property management services.


Other turnkey concierge services like property upgrades, regulatory compliance, interior design and improvement services can be offered for additional fees. Owners are responsible for providing multiple sets of keys/fobs for each tenant and for MC Management Group, LLC/

Please contact us for a visit! We look forward to seeing your home and walking you through our services. Hope to meet you soon!


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